2017 Timeline

Evan Baldonado

By Evan Baldonado
(Founder of AquariumKids)

Wow, 2017 flew by quickly! Here's what we've been up to this year:


  • January 6th: AquariumKids receives least killifish from Sachs Systems Aquaculture.


  • February 5th: Evan Baldonado publishes a least killifish care sheet.
  • February 24th: New video—“The Top 5 Underrated Freshwater Aquarium Fish.”
  • February 26th: AquariumKids reaches 1,000 YouTube subscribers.


  • March 3rd: New video—“The Top 5 Tank Mates for Freshwater Angelfish.”
  • March 16th: AquariumKids begins its “Week of Facts.”
  • March 22nd: AquariumKids reaches 500,000 YouTube views.
  • March 25th: The AquariumKids mailing list is launched.


  • April 5th: Seattle Aquarium visit
  • April 7th: April Homepage Update (part I)
  • April 8th: New video—“The Top 5 Freshwater Snails.”
  • April 22nd: Evan Baldonado publishes an article on climate change at Get Involved Palo Alto's Hack for Social Good.
  • April 28th: AquariumKids is featured in C Magazine
  • April 29th: April Homepage Update (part II)


  • May 1st: AquariumKids opens applications to contribute to an article about the future of aquaria.


  • June 6th: Via Aquarium visit
  • June 11th: New video—“The Top 5 Easy-to-Breed Freshwater Aquarium Fish.”
  • June 17th: AquariumKids releases a page of the top aquarium YouTubers.
  • June 17th: Palo Alto Junior Museum and Zoo visit
  • June 19th: New video—“10 Facts About Clownfish.”
  • June 24th: New video—“The Nitrogen Cycle Explained in 1 Minute.”
  • June 25th: AquariumKids releases a page of the top aquarium Instagrammers.
  • June 26th: New video—“Dwarf Cuttlefish at the Seattle Aquarium.”
  • June 26th: New video—“Electric Eel and Blind Cave Fish at the Via Aquarium.”
  • June 27th: New video—“Paddlefish at the Via Aquarium.”


  • July 4th: July Homepage Update
  • July 4th: Evan Baldonado contributes a perspective to “The Future of Aquaria.”
  • July 12th: Neil Yeung contributes a perspective to “The Future of Aquaria.”
  • July 18th: Evan Baldonado publishes “Archaea in Aquaria.”
  • July 22nd: AquariumKids' YouTube videos have been watched for a total of 1,000,000 minutes.
  • July 29th: New video—“The Top 5 Tank Mates for Mystery Snails.”


  • August 26th: AquariumKids turns 4 years old.


  • September 5th: New video—“25 Inspirational Backyard Pond Ideas.”
  • : AquariumKids launches its “I’m an Aquarist” Facebook profile frame.
  • September 9th: AquariumKids merchandise is available via RedBubble.
  • September 11th: AquariumKids reaches 2,000 YouTube subscribers.
  • September 23rd: New video—“Mystery Snail with Breathing Siphon.”


  • : AquariumKids' Facebook post about sharks wearing pants goes viral!
  • October 13th: New video—“How do you sex Least Killifish?”

  • October 21st: Aquarium provides betta care sheets to the annual Harvest Carnival.
  • October 25th: New video—“Chinook Salmon at the Seattle Aquarium.”
  • October 28th: AquariumKids reaches 1,000,000 YouTube views.


  • November 10th: New video—“The Top 5 Compatible Tank Mates for Bettas.”
  • November 20th: New video—“Burping Electric Eel.”


  • December 27th: AquariumKids reaches 2,500 YouTube subscribers.
  • December 31st: AquariumKids releases its 2017 timeline.

Thanks for reading this timeline of our work in 2017 (published 12/31/17)! For more information, please browse around! Feel free to contact me at evanb [at] aquariumkids [dot] com with any questions.