Drs. Foster and Smith Fish Acclimation Kit [Review]

Drs. Foster and Smith Fish Acclimation Kit
I recently bought a pack of three Fish Acclimation Kits from Drs. Foster and Smith. They are small siphons, similar to ones used for water changes, except smaller and meant to be used for acclimation.

Do you spend forever acclimating new fish? Well, Drs. Foster and Smith's Fish Acclimation Kit will do basically everything for you. These mini-siphons are very cheap and will last you a long time. All that you have to do is hang the hard plastic part into your aquarium and start the siphon by gently sucking on the end. Then, you adjust the drip regulator for whichever speed you require.

If you use the method that I mention on the goldfish care sheet, you will find that you constantly have to get up and add a bit more water in. The Fish Acclimation Kit is much better because it requires less attention and constantly drips water. This is better for the fish because it allows them to slowly get used to the new water parameters (pH, temperature, hardness, etc).

Overall, I find Drs. Foster and Smith's Fish Acclimation Kit a very useful product because it saves time and keeps new arrivals safer during the acclimation process.

★★★★★ (5/5 stars)

Well, what are you waiting for? You can buy one Fish Acclimation Kit for about 3 USD online. Here is Drs. Foster and Smith's page on the Fish Acclimation Kit.

I am in no way affiliated with Drs. Foster and Smith, nor am I sponsored to write this review. - Evan Baldonado

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