Hershey's Petition
The tide is turning against plastic pollution, with recent campaigns against plastic straws, plastic bags, and other single-use plastic products. We believe that Hershey’s has a role to play in reducing its pollution footprint by eliminating its single-use plastic wrappers in favor of more sustainable alternatives.

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AquariumKids' Facebook page on a computer monitor at the Palo Alto Rinconada library

Using social media to inform and inspire

The World Wide Web
Online, we create and provide aquatic content for 461,786 followers across various social media websites. Our YouTube videos have been watched over 2,471,000 times. To date, AquariumKids content has been viewed by millions of people from around the world.
Cups containing bettas at the Duveneck Harvest Carnival

Raising awareness about prize animals

California, USA
In the past, we were involved with Duveneck Elementary School’s annual Harvest Carnival, where we originally taught young fishkeepers how to care for their recently won goldfish. After initially persuading the carnival organizers to give away bettas (which require less space) instead of goldfish, we ultimately convinced them to stop giving away animals as prizes altogether. Since then, we have continued to speak out about the use of animals as prizes.
Goldfish next to plastic straw

Engaging the community in protecting aquatic ecosystems

Palo Alto, California
In 2017, we were a part of Get Involved Foundation's first “Hack for Social Good,” where we wrote about climate change and how it affects aquatic life. In 2018, we worked with environmental clubs at Palo Alto High School to bring Jr Ocean Guardians’ signature “No Straw November” campaign to campus, collecting pledges from over 200 people to abstain from using single-use plastic straws during November.
Teens viewing the AquariumKids website

Creating an online course about freshwater ecology

The World Wide Web
Currently, we are creating a free online course about freshwater ecology, designed to teach the public about water, ecological principles, flora and fauna, water quality, and human impact on freshwater ecosystems.

Freshwater Ecology
Introduction to Freshwater Ecology is an online course that AquariumKids is currently in the process of creating.
U.S. Aquaria Map
Harnessing the power of Google Maps, this page displays reputable aquaria in the U.S in the form of an interactive map.
Giving away animals as prizes is a dated practice that ought to be banned.
Coloring Pages
Print out our coloring pages for kids, and color away to your heart's delight!
No Straw November
The Paly Environmental Clubs Organization (ECO) is bringing No Straw November to Paly campus and the AquariumKids community this year.
Top YouTubers
This page uses the YouTube API to display live data for the top 100 aquarium YouTubers (by subscriber count).

Koi Fish Swimming In Pond
Footage Of Garden Eels (heteroconger Sp.) At The Monterey Bay Aquarium
California Moray Eel At The Monterey Bay Aquarium
Why Are Glofish So Expensive
Water Chemistry Video Lecture
Koi Fish At The Lan Su Chinese Garden
The Top 5 Tank Mates For Guppies
How Do You Make A Diy Coconut Hut Or Cave For Your Fish
Sturgeon Poacher, Sea Anemone, & Hawaiian Flagtail At The Seattle Aquarium
Yellowhead Jawfish Digging At The Via Aquarium
The Top 5 Tank Mates For Oscars
Elephant Seals Fighting At Año Nuevo
Least Killifish Swimming While Giving Birth
Burping Electric Eel
The Top 5 Compatible Tank Mates For Bettas

Archaea in aquaria
Currently, the commonly-held belief within the aquaria community is that a number of bacteria—Nitrosomonas, Nitrosospira, Nitrobacter, and Nitrospira—are primarily responsible for the conversion of ammonia to nitrite to nitrate.
The future of aquaria
Fishkeeping is an age-old practice, but it is still constantly evolving. What does the future hold? We're asking aquarists from around the world what they think. What will aquaria look like in ten years? One hundred?
Climate change
Climate change has negative impacts on fish and other aquatic animals. This article was written for Get Involved Foundation's first “Hack for Social Good” as part of Global Youth Service Day.

Malaysian Trumpet Snail Care Sheet
Least Killifish Care Sheet
Guppy Care Sheet
Betta Care Sheet
Goldfish Care Sheet